Business Development Tip: Increase your social media presence with a comprehensive strategy

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For organizations across the CRE industry social media should be an essential element in highlighting deals, building brand recognition, and audience development. A comprehensive social media strategy requires a meticulous approach to content creation, scheduling, engagement with your audience, and intelligent marketing. Every target market is unique, and each network interacts with their members in a variety of ways.

Leverage Connect Creative to set up your accounts, develop a social media strategy, calendar, and subject matter to increase your social media presence across each platform.

Content ideas can include:

  • Thought leadership pieces such as market trends and relevant news
  • Employee profiles
  • Company milestones
  • In-person and digital event announcements

Schedule a consultation now for all of your social media needs.


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About Tyler Sarter

Tyler Sarter works as Corporate Marketing Manager for Connect CRE overseeing all aspects of marketing, branding, communications, and business development efforts. With significant experience coordinating corporate relationships and overseeing investor relations and the acquisition of new investments in the commercial and residential real estate industries, Tyler also excels as a marketing professional with verifiable success developing and implementing comprehensive marketing and promotional strategies. Incorporating several years of project management experience, Tyler has successfully managed large projects for the Pennsylvania Lottery, Coca-Cola, and other Fortune 500 companies ensuring that budget and schedule were met. Tyler earned his Master of Arts degree in marketing communications from Georgia State University. He has been featured in several publications such as Voyage Atlanta and Shoutout Atlanta as an up-and-coming real estate professional.