Business Development Tip: Linking your CRM to your website can lead to increased revenue

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Building a customer relationship management system that works for your organization can be a challenging task. An effective commercial real estate CRM provides efficient and integrated solutions to manage assets, contracts, and qualified leads. A strong CRM is the foundation of a strong business – fostering processes and organization that lead to new business. Because customer loyalty and retention are both factors that impact an organization’s revenue, CRM is a key strategy that results in increased profits.

By partnering with Connect your organization can leverage our technical expertise to help you select and execute a CRM tailored for the CRE industry. Connect can also investigate your current platform and enhance with technology solutions that provide strategic analytics and knowledge about website visitors and feed them to your sales funnel. At Connect we are platform agnostic and always advise what is best for our clients by utilizing our industry knowledge to meet your unique needs for customization that will lead to improved sales and expanded marketing insights.

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Tyler Sarter works as Corporate Marketing Manager for Connect CRE overseeing all aspects of marketing, branding, communications, and business development efforts. With significant experience coordinating corporate relationships and overseeing investor relations and the acquisition of new investments in the commercial and residential real estate industries, Tyler also excels as a marketing professional with verifiable success developing and implementing comprehensive marketing and promotional strategies. Incorporating several years of project management experience, Tyler has successfully managed large projects for the Pennsylvania Lottery, Coca-Cola, and other Fortune 500 companies ensuring that budget and schedule were met. Tyler earned his Master of Arts degree in marketing communications from Georgia State University. He has been featured in several publications such as Voyage Atlanta and Shoutout Atlanta as an up-and-coming real estate professional.